Symafour is a GDUSA Award-winning social media application that connects you to other people in your area based on similar interests. Are you trying to make it to a music festival, but don’t know who anyone who loves music as much as you do? Are you tired of your so called “friends” that never want to go to the same movies you do? It’s your interests, it’s your meet ups, it’s your data.

Type 2 Designs developed this social mobile app for the iOS platform, including the design, artwork, digital advertising and social media marketing. Using Facebook as our main channel to showcase the app, we have nearly 10,000 fans on the page and have experienced a steady growth in downloads. Our agency also designed and created the Symafour website and logo.

I developed a series of digital marketing strategies and advertising that we used to garner engagement and more downloads.


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December 9, 2013

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