Pirate Jenny & The Storm Music Video

Pirate Jenny & The Storm Music Video

In April 2013 I worked as Assistant Director for the Christa Couture’s single, “Pirate Jenny and the Storm.”

It was nominated for “Best Music Video” from the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards.

Official video for “Pirate Jenny and the Storm” from 2012 release “The Living Record.”
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Christa Couture
Kate Kroll

Kate Kroll

Louvens Remy

Patrick Carroll

Christa Couture
Melody Mangler
Lola Frost
Rob Becker
Niko Friesen
Aaron Pettigrew
Steven Charles
Liam Cogley
John Noonan

Kevan McGovern
Aaron Rivando

Filmed at The Farm Studios, Vancouver

One Foot Tapping Records / The Production Effect © 2013

We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage (Canada Music Fund) and of Canada’s Private Radio Broadcasters.


Interview: The Thespians

Interview: The Thespians

When I lived in the United Kingdom I was fortunate to work with a very talented garage/ punk rock group called The Thespians. While destiny has lead each member of the band to since pursue other goals, this interview is a treasure of a professional friendship and a document of their talents.




REMIXING CULTURE was the first short length documentary I produced as part of my Masters dissertation at the University of British Columbia’s School of Journalism.

The project was featured in Volume 2 of the University of Copenhagen’s digital academic journal, Audiovisual Thinking.

If you’re fancy, you can read the abstract above the video links, but if not, I completely understand.

Today’s digital world has presented itself with problems of ownership in relation to music production and distribution on the Internet. Focusing on electronic dance music, this project examines the close relationship between music and technology, and the influence that each exerts on the other.

The accessibility of music and video files on the Internet has transformed the music business from a primarily physical industry (distribution via compact discs, vinyl and cassette tapes) to a digital soundscape, a democratized space where amateur musicians can be music creators. These online spaces, with the help of open source music software, have bridged the gap between the media producer and the media consumer. As this project explores, cultural implications are vast, leaving ordinary people with the responsibility to take control of their cultural landscapes.

The project takes the form of an essay-styled documentary highlighting interviews with notable DJ’s, music software programmers, technology experts and copyright scholars. Inspired by a documentary entitled RiP! A Remix Manifesto (2009), a film that encouraged active remixing, this project’s purpose is to emphasize the importance of reinterpretation and rediscovery in our cultural soundscape. This project is licensed under Creative Commons, a non-profit organization that supports non-commercial use of digital intellectual property, and its secondary purpose is to encourage the public to incorporate the film into other projects, furthering the conversation about the importance of remix.

This research project determined that with the growth of open source, social-powered music software, remix music and associated musicians will continue to create their art using source material by other artists. Despite the efforts of copyright authorities and stakeholders in the professional music recording industry, remix culture is pervasive in every other aspect of society and thus will continue to shape the landscape of our future cultures.


The Making of Bido Lito!

The Making of Bido Lito!

For this project, I was working as a contributing editor for the up and coming Liverpool music magazine, Bido Lito!

In anticipation for the website being launched, I shot, edited and produced this short online presentation to showcase the features of the website, in addition to showing the vibrance and emerging talents of the Liverpool music scene.