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Marketing Nightmares

Scriptwriting, copywriting, campaign concepting) for an advertising campaign targeting marketers.

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YouTube Influencer Marketing: a Four-Step Guide

If you’ve been thinking of leveraging YouTube creators to achieve next-level brand awareness, you’re in good company.

After Instagram, YouTube is the second most popular platform for influencer marketing. Compared to traditional celebrity partnerships, collaborations with social media content creators have been 4x more effective.


Best AI Tools for Digital Marketers in 2023

Can’t seem to scroll through social media, news sites, or your inbox without hearing about ChatGPT these days? You’re not alone.

Automation and scalability make artificial intelligence (AI) tools attractive to digital marketers at several levels. With the emergence of so many tools hitting the market at breakneck speed, choosing the right one might be overwhelming.


Marketers in Love

(Scriptwriting, UX Writing, Landing Page Copy, Creative Campaign Concepting)

Land the #1 spot in love. Find your
perfect match today with Semrush
—these 5 marketers did! Who says
data isn’t romantic?


11 Ways to Improve Win Rates

Add just one or two of these methods to improve your win/loss ratio, empower your sales team, and close more deals with qualified leads.

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