At approximately 2:30 on December 22nd, I officially became a victim of fraud. 

It wasn’t until until the Saturday following that I noticed nearly $3,500 missing out of my checking account, showing exorbitant purchases at 7-Eleven, National Money, and even Swiss Chalet to name a few.

According to the bank teller at my home branch, the debit machine at the Manchu Wok in the Metrotown Mall foodcourt had been replaced with machine that copied my card and pin number, then printed this information onto another computer. 

It has been nearly two weeks since this occurred, and I still do not have access to my funds. While TD Bank has covered me for the purchases that were made during the period of criminal activity, I will not be able to take out or use the rest of my money until the full investigation is complete. 

Merry Fucking Christmas.