It’s been a while since my last blog, mostly due to the fact that I’ve been drowning in school. Most of my time has been dedicated to a news story on last week’s World Wheelchair Curling Championships so I’m sorry for the neglect.

However, my first movie for SPIN went live today, so check it out if you like. Here’s the blurb:

“Frontiers and Plains team up with WITNESS to heal the soul”

A little nook called Little Mountain Studios has a whole lot of heart, just off the beaten track. Recently, I was there to see Kate Lingley, a burgeoning filmmaker, who had connected with social-activist organization WITNESS about putting together an indie-folk-style music and art exhibit, aiming to raise funds for their ongoing humanitarian efforts around the world.

SPINearth was there and caught up with Brad and Jess Lauretti of This Frontier Needs Heroes , to get a sense of the brother-and-sister band who have received much acclaim for their folk-styled, Americana sound. A bit cynical of the times, but fairly hopeful in the consciousness and sensibilities of a new generation—the band’s name says it all.

Other bands were Joel Battle, an indie folk solo artist with a penchant for the intimacy that a single guitar can create and The Sappers, who also came through with a little rockabilly sound for everyone to enjoy. Altogether it was a night of music and art coming together, featuring the photographic artwork of the Soweto Youth Group , who explored a ghetto slum deep in Nairobi.

Hope you enjoy the capture, and please connect with our partners at WITNESS soon enough….