It was that magical time of the year again, and luckily for us, this year’s Juno Awards were celebrated in Vancouver city.

JunoFest, a two-day music extravaganza, hosted over 100 bands at 19 venues across town, from dodgy little holes in the wall to bigger places and bigger capacity. It featured national and local talents from all over to perform a myriad of styles ranging from country, lo-fi indie pop, electronica, and even some metal.

On Saturday, I went out to the Biltmore cabaret to check out Hannah Georgas and Jon-Rae Fletcher, two very promising Vancouver musicians who know how to get the crowd excited. 

Hannah Georgas’ music is delightful. Her sound is quirky, indie-folk based but also has a great rock twang to it as well. She was recently featured by CBC Radio 3‘s Breaking New Sound, where she was described as “whimsical and yet extremely serious.” While her voice is soft and brings to mind the shyness of Emily Haines, her determination and fiery look to dominate the folk pop indie scene is dangerous.

Jon-Rae Fletcher came on right after, and entreated the crowd to a more country-styled kind of folk. Raised in rural Alberta, Fletcher’s voice is eerily haunting and lonely sounding, much like the cold vastness of his home. 

Enjoy the slideshow, we wish you could’ve been there…

Jon-Rae Fletcher Myspace

Hannah Georgas Myspace