A couple of months ago, as I was sifting through the myriad of underground bands, when I came across Search Parties. They’ re the kind of band you’d see at places like the Railway Club, the Cobalt, and the Biltmore — slightly grungy venues with an irrevocable coolness too.

Ben Kelly, Baxter Hall, Thomas Weidman, Harlan Shore, Tjom Speakman and Adrian Yee are barely legal.

Ranging from 16 to 20 years old, this band has a ferocity and lyrical maturity that is far beyond their years. 

In February, the band played acoustic sets at secret bank locations in ATM rooms, just to prove how people can have fun and be creative without worrying about money and the recession. They’re hip, but also have a social conscience and are brimming with optimism. 

Search Parties is best described as an ambient, western, electronically-shredded mash-up, and each delivery is different and unique. Just the way music should be.

Needless to say, they blew out my camera speakers. Sorry for the crackles.

Search Parties MySpace