the dandy warhols
richard’s on richards
june 18.08

Yes! Everytime the Dandy Warhols come to the city there’s a definitive buzz of excitment amongst the local hedonists and Vancouver hipster bohemians. Announced less than two weeks before the show, The Dandys decided to play four additional shows as a prelude to their world tour which begins in less than a month from now. Come September they’re releasing their seventh studio album Earth to the Dandy Warhols, which every rock-alternative music fan desperately needs to acquire.

Prior to the show, there was a bit of disappointment as the venue was changed last minute from the opulent setting of the Vogue theatre to Richard’s on Richards, however this proved to be a massive improvement in the end considering the intimacy that was produced by the bar’s compact space. Four rows away from Courtney Taylor-Taylor’s feet could feel the hot sweat and breath of the Oregon quartet as they ripped the stage with new unreleased songs. The show started up with an energetically charged performance of “Wasp in the Lotus,” a new Dandy’s classic with their trademark bubble-gummy completely enveloping guitar-heavy chorus. Amongst a set list of new songs, the band also rocked out to their older tunes, such as “You Were the Last High,” “Country Leaver” and of course, “Bohemian Like You.” img_0838_2

Aside from their infectiously energetic musical performances, the attitude of the quartet is a cornerstone of their image as mid-90’s veteran alt-rockers who are still going strong. Courtney’s pouty lips and sultry swagger give the frontman an heroin-chic edge and a hard-to get attitude that leaves everyone wanting more. Lead guitarist Peter Holmstrom always starts out looking dark, sharp and shifty and ends up with mascara sweat all over his eyes. 

The bottom line: The Dandy Warhols are fucking cool. They always leave us wanting more and they know it.