… I wanna do it one more time

The Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, BC November 28


Woodhands will break your heart



Plaid shirts. Bearded hipsters. Women dancing in their bras. These are the fundamental elements that Woodhands brings to the realm of indietronica rock. The Toronto-based duo Dan Werb and Paul Banwatt blasted the miniature-sized stage of the Biltmore, causing chaotic dancing and chanting of epic, rave proportions.

For those who don’t already know, frontman Werb is bringing back the keytar. He showed full mastery of synthesizers, drum loops and sound mixers and spat out fat, earth-shaking techno riffs with a machine-like exactness.”Chocolate” drummer Banwatt was tweaking just as hard, sweat drenching through his his retro Star Wars t-shirt, demonically pounding his white Pearl set until he actually destroyed his snare.

“Somebody needs to go home right now, and bring your snare drum back to the show,” Werb said, sweat dripping down his neck and face, fogging up his black-rimmed glasses. “I guess we’re still gonna keep on going though. Fuck yeah!” When the drum was restored, the group played a new song from their upcoming album Remorsecapade which is set to be released late January. The song was surprisingly mellow, almost contemplative and borderline ethereal, certainly foreshadowing a progression in their songwriting.

Leaning heavily on their last album Heart Attack, they also played some crowd favourites like “Under Attack” and “I Wasn’t Made for Fighting.”  Things got very intense during their five-minute electro jams, which were blisteringly loud and cathartic. Showing unparalleled energy, Woodhands delivered a furious show catering to an ADD-riddled generation — fast, sweaty and catchy as hell.

Watch “I Wasn’t Made for Fighting”