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Fist of God

Last Gang Records


this will rock your socks off

this will rock your socks off

After a near three-year wait, Jesse F. Keeler and Al-P have released the highly energized sophomore album that is purposely designed to set your ears and head ablaze. For any electronica enthusiast, it’s easy to see that this album will be devoured in clubs and house parties in the months to come, because it shows the multitude of sounds that can be harmoniously bridged together through this wonderful genre. Caught somewhere between the catchy eccentricity of their earlier work The Looks,  but with a bigger emphasis on dancing and complexity of rhythms, Fist of God shows the progressive, coming of age for the Ontario-based electro-duo. Tracks such as “1000 Cigarettes,” and “So Deep” are addictive and catchy as hell, reflecting the hyped up, ADD-riddled generation this band caters to. At the same time, the album shows a greater diversity of sound as it incorporates definitive traces of Death From Above 1979‘s manic metal crunch, and also the deep, anthematic beats that Keeler brought to his other project, Femme Fatale. What we get are very sexy results: the effects of well-rounded and well-versed musicmanship accomplished with a machine-like exactness.  What’s most impressive about the album is added hip-hop sequences, sampling artists like Wu-Tang‘s Ghostface Killah, they mesh the plurality of these styles with great mastery, avoiding the oft-cheesiness this combination often produces. The name says it all: Fist of God conquers all styles of music with a tireless, omnipotent kind of force that makes one dance all night long.