Some call it ridiculous, others call it the making of history. One thing is sure: the Internet viral video was spawned from the technological womb of  the 00’s.

With a bit of research I found what the five most globally watched viral videos of 2009 were. According to Viral Video Chart, these were also the most viral videos of all time.

5.  Surprised Kitty

With 20,545,960 views to date, this adorable little critter has brought tears of joy to many… even to those who don’t enjoy the feline persuasion.


4. The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

Probably one of the best instances of culture mashing. Beautiful.


3. Susan Boyle: Britain’s Got Talent

In a world where we place pop stars in accordance to a strict rubric of attractiveness + talent, Susan Boyle blew everyone’s minds. We’re so incredibly shallow. Can’t we assume a dowdy middle aged spinster with a single bushy eyebrow would have a beautiful voice? Shame on you.


2. Pianotrappan

It’s Swedish, with a quirky take on social media. We need more of these.


1. Lady Gaga: Bad Romance

I’ve got a soft spot for Lady Gaga. Part androgynous woman, part alien with an eye popping aesthetic, she’s caught the world by storm. With a whopping 62,062,116 views, Lady Gaga takes the cake. Ooh la la.